Lighting and Wipers

Lights and wipers play a major role in safe driving. The chances for accidents increase if you can't see or be seen. If you detect any problems with your car's lights or wipers, have them checked out at once.

Typical Wear and Tear

  • Lights and wipers are normal wear items that require periodic replacement. Factors affecting replacement intervals include:
  • Operating conditions (winter conditions are tough on wiper blades).
  • Frequency of use.
  • Material and type of lights and wipers.
  • Sunny weather. Wiper blades can deteriorate faster and need more frequent replacement in desert states.


  • Chattering or streaking wiper
  • Rapid signal blinking
  • Dimming lights

The lights and wipers of your car most often include

  • Wiper arm
  • Wiper blade
  • Wiper motor
  • Fog lights (optional)
  • Headlights (high and low beam)
  • Parking lights
  • Turn signals/emergency flashers
  • Wiper fluid reservoir and fluid
  • Fuses
  • Instrumentation lighting
  • Interior lights
  • Stoplights, tail and marker lights
  • Backup lights

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  • I went here a few days ago because I had multiple lights on in my Acura. The owner was so honest!

    He checked the fluids and ran a diagnostics test. He told me just go get an oil change and if the light still comes on give him a call....and you know what? He didn't charge me a thing and the oil change fixed everything!

    If you've ever panicked because of check engine lights in your car then you understand how relieved I was. Thank you so much for being so honest and helpful! I will be sure to bring my car to you again in the future :)

    Tamara B. | Oceanside
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